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Car Wash/Laundromat Shenanigans | Kailey | Bismarck, ND

Last week I got a message from this beautiful lady that she would be in town and if I had time we could FINALLY do a photoshoot which we have been wanting to do for months! I was so excited to take the time to play around and have some fun with such a stunning model in front of my lens, and guess what...


Check them out!

The white off shoulder sweater, jeans and high heels worked so well together with those awesome blue and green background colors.

And THEN...

We played with some more colors.

I don't know about you, but these colors are really making me miss spring!

Lastly, we ended our fun inside the laundromat.

and there you have it! a glimpse of our fun, car wash/laundromat shenanigans.

Follow along and stay tuned for more fun in the future!

- Dese

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