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Styled Elopement Shoot | Riverdale, ND | Modern Bohemian

Let me just start with saying, this styled shoot gave me L I F E. Sometimes as a creative soul you can get stuck in a rut. You're not sure why or how but it just feels like something is missing. For me this tends to happen over the long, slow winter months. I get cooped up inside for months because lets be real, I am NOT a cold weather type of person. I go outside as little as possible during the winter months. Many people are the same way, which makes the winter months extremely slow for a photography business usually. This also means my creative brain seems to hibernate.

Then Spring arrives and I’m itching to get outside as weather warms up. However doing outdoor shoots in early spring here in North Dakota doesn’t always look the nicest. dead grass. Dead trees. Everything looks gray or brown. You get it. So when the opportunity came up to participate in this modern bohemian elopement styled shoot, I was SO excited. I love being able to meet other creative souls and seeing the different styles and creative ideas come together. It really inspires a person to remember that there is always room to improve, to grow, and to find your style. You can learn so much by observing and discovering the ideas you like and what makes your heart S I N G.

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to these two amazing photographers that put this all together - Jillian Batson with Jillian Batson Photography and Brittany Walker with Brittany Walker Photography. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to meet other creative photographers and for the both of you in bringing the creative community together. I hope to work with you all again in the future! Also want to give a shoutout to the vendors who helped bring the the setup together so perfectly:

Decor | Rae & Lee Event Rentals @raeandleerentals

MUA & Graphic Designer | Alex Harrom @colorsweptbyalex

Flowers | Flower Central @flowercentralminot

The location was perfect. The models were beautiful. The weather was a bit chilly. The bride was shivering the majority of the time in her gorgeous dress but she didn't complain once about it! Such a trooper!

The next location on the beach of Lake Sakakawea was another gorgeous spot. We had beautiful flat rocks everywhere (perfect for stone skipping!), some drift wood that looked like you got it off Etsy and clear but very cold water. We also had some fun playing with some smoke bombs thanks to two awesome photographers Jessica Heller with Jessica Heller Photography and Blaine Finneseth with Finny Photography. Be sure to check those super awesome talented photographers as well!

As the sun began to set the clouds opened up to display a gorgeous sunset with the beautiful golden lighting we all drool over! Check it out!

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