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Cody + Amanda | Surprise Proposal | Rapid City, SD

I am definitely late to blogging this BUT bare with me, this might be a long one!

This is one of my best friends, Amanda Lammers, and her handsome son, who I also get to call my Godson (YAY!), Tate. They moved to Rapid City, SD a few years ago so I don't get to see them near enough, but I try to make sure to get down there every year at least once. I love these two so much and couldn't have been more happy when she told me she thinks Cody might be the one for them.

I was skeptical at first, of course, because I know they deserve the best, until she started telling me more about him. She was so excited talking about him and how much he helps her with Tate and how good he is with him. She couldn't wait for me to meet him. When I finally did get to meet him and saw how he looked at Amanda, how he teased her playfully, and how great he was with Tate, I realized he might actually be the one!

Shortly after visiting them in June this year, I got a message from Cody asking when I thought I would be down next. I obviously knew summers are busy for me plus we were working on our yard/retaining wall, so I wasn't sure I would make it down again this year. Then he mentioned that he wanted me to take their engagement photos and possibly photos of the proposal, as he was planning to ask Amanda to spend the rest of their lives together. I WAS ECSTATIC!

Obviously, I wasn't going to miss this opportunity, so we planned it all out. We had to be super secretive and tell some little white lies here and there as Amanda's detective skills are a little too good ;)

I told Amanda that I wasn't going to have time again later this year, so I was going to come down again a few weeks to see them once more. I also mentioned many times before that I have always wanted to take photos in the black hills so I asked her if I could photograph them three to add to my portfolio. This is where the story begins...


After having some fun, I told Amanda I had one specific idea in mind that I wanted to do for fun and grabbed two chalk boards out of the car. Cody and Amanda each had to write one thing they love about each other on their own chalk board while standing back to back. Then when they are ready, I will tell them to turn around and show each other what they wrote. But, Cody had other plans...

And obviously, SHE SAID YES!

Another huge congratulations to these two love birds. I am so honored to have been a part of something so beautiful and to capture this memory for you both.

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